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Cookie Butter

Why in the world would anyone add cookie spread to a cookie recipe? Do we need a reason? The reason is cookie spread is fantastic, and we have the right to add cookie spread to anything and everything. Two of my favorite cookies are ginger snaps and chewy peanut butter cookies, and this recipe marries […]

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Incredible Cookie Butter Cookies

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All-purpose Flour or Cake Flour? I Put Cake Flour to the Test with this Blueberry Waffle Recipe Cake flour transforms waffles to light and fluffy texture, and allows to you feel the butter in every bite. Waffles with all-purpose flour often come out too thick like a biscuit and extremely crunchy straight from the waffle […]

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Blueberry Buttermilk Waffles

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Brown-Sugar Garlic Chicken

Are Chicken Thighs the Best Part? If you don’t know me, I am a chicken connoisseur or bet yet I love chicken. As a child, I remember having chicken most nights for dinner, and I don’t remember complaining about it. Even with my love for chicken, chicken thighs have been my least favorite part of […]

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Brown-Sugar Garlic Chicken Thighs

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While visiting one of my best friends in Oakland, CA I had a similar recipe like this at a restaurant called the AC Oakland. I would not wait to get home to make this recipe. I wanted to recreate the recipe but not use too many steps because my part love for brussels sprout is […]

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Roasted Teriyaki Brussels Sprouts

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Hey, y’all! Yes, I started with “Hey y’all” because I am from the South, and that is how you greet the people you care for the most. Since you are here reading this, I care about you. Welcome to new friends! I’ve been working on this blog for a very long time. I wanted a […]

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You Should Start a Blog Today–Here’s why I did it.

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