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frequently asked

1. What's your food background?

I started cooking while in elementary school, under the guidance of my late mother. I continued to cook throughout my childhood into adulthood. I always wanted to go to culinary art school but decided to attend NC A&T State University to earn a degree in Mathematics. For a couple of years, I ran an at-home bakery but quickly learned I couldn’t find enough passion for baking to work every weekend long into the wee hours of the morning. So now I’m here, food blogging.

2. Where do you get the inspiration for your recipes?

Most of my inspiration comes from my childhood growing up in the South, my mom, and my family. Although many of my recipes are Southern-inspired, I do my best to use wholesome minimally processed ingredients. My mom always harped on eating fresh fruits and/ green vegetables daily. 

3. Do you work with brands for sponsored posts and campaigns?

I do! I work with brands that I have tested and think my audience can benefit from knowing about it. Interested in working together? Fill out the form on the Contact page.

4. Can I repost your recipes?

No, to reposting my recipes but yes, to photos but please make sure to credit photos with a link back to and/or on social media @eriqueberry

5. How is life in Charlotte, North Carolina? 

Life in Charlotte is lovely! I have lived in Charlotte for a little over ten years, and I have enjoyed it. I love Charlotte because it is a mixture of a small-town and a big city. Professional sporting events are one of my favorite things to do. Go Panthers! Go Hornets! Charlotte also has a booming restaurant scene and visiting new restaurants, another favorite thing to do. 

6. How long did you teach and do you still teach Math?

I taught Math for eight years, and in those years, I taught 3rd Math to Pre-Calculus. I am no longer a classroom teacher, but I still work full-time in education. When I get the chance, I promote STEM education because majoring in Math changed my life.


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©2023 erique berry |  brand & web design by branded by bernel